Building Democracy

Through Science & Technology

Beyond all crisis

Currently, AFDES ongoing research on Venezuela addresses its structural challenges in terms of governance and institutional crisis. Its volatile political context, which is related to many other problems has created an atmosphere of disaffection making the representation crisis grow exponentially.  Our abnegation towards this subject leads to significant findings at the governance level by correlating variables such as education and civic participation, as well as the involvement of civil society in a decision-making process. Immerse in comparative research on Electoral Law and electoral systems in Latin America, during our multiple election observation missions in Latin America, AFDES has pointed out the urgent need for rethinking the entire state structure in Venezuela, due to the multiple inconsistencies, which are in fact, partially responsible for this ongoing social and political crisis.

The tragic outcomes the Venezuelan far-left populist government has brought upon its population has renewed the global interest in the whole set of current political circumstances, as well as in their incidence on the rest of the world. In terms of Geostrategy, Venezuela currently constitutes a huge step backward for a country once considered as a robust ally in the struggle for regional stability.  For this reason, among many others, AFDES is developing a well-structured program on Venezuela using both comparative and experimental approaches to provide viable solutions for the crisis. Considering that Venezuela is about to experience a dramatic change related to the imminent government deposition, which will require all possible international assistance in order to keep the legitimacy intact, at the time the new administration take office its strategic importance and rapid potential recovery, (remarkably perceived by both international community and global economic actors), can be an incentive to implement AFDES innovative campaigns oriented to secure democracy in Venezuela and focused in legislative action, so it could provide the necessary democratic legitimacy of the rules to be established assuring, at the same time, the conditions for fast economic regrowth and social stability.

In this way, our knowledge and vast understanding of Venezuela’s reality, as well as the invaluable contribution of highly-qualified and experienced professionals in this field, will be a great contribution to Venezuela’s strategic development based on a comprehensive program aiming to transform the state, rebuild democracy in Venezuela, and guarantee its citizens’ well-being.

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