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The complex situation in Africa has different dimensions. Despite the political instability and institutional failure African economy keeps growing and offers promising scenarios for the next 10 years progress in different aspects such as economic and social development. However, the expansion of terrorism has increased insecurity maintaining the shatterbelt in the SubSaharian region. In addition, the outbreak of epidemic diseases and civil wars have increased the migration crisis which has produced institutional collapse in the host countries.

The role played by international actors in Africa, and the relationship between dictatorial regimes and independent contractors, as well as foreign governments for the benefit of political gain and the expansion of mineral and oil industries respectively, have given a little margin for consensus in terms of political stability.

Crisis and development

The American Foundation for Democratic Stability conduces comparative research on the impact of political stability on the economic development in zones devastated by violence, poverty, hunger, ecological crisis.

AFDES is studying the societal structure of several African countries and their political systems, along with their importance as international actors in regard to the global economy and political projections.

The potential that Africa exhibits is contrasted with poor conditions of life and political instability.


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