Making Democracy Work

is a team effort

About us

The American Foundation for Democratic Stability is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization promoting and supporting activities such as civic education, governance evaluation, structural reform and scientific research in the Americas to build and improve democratic institutions and avoid democratic collapse.


Our vision is a world in which political systems, as functional democracies, are supported by strong and effective institutions molded through close cooperation between public and private sectors, aiming development and progress and focused on the rule of law for the sake of the citizenship.


AFDES develops programs of institutional cooperation allowing the exercise of active civic participation in the decision-making processes. In the same way, it plans, organizes, and executes scientific research programs based on field assignments, survey, and analysis of statistical data, institutional monitoring, and civic education.

The American Foundation for democratic stability is guided by a fundamental commitment to democracy safeguard and the development of civil society. As a democratic values promoter, our organization engages critical issues in democracy, governance, and elections in the Americas.


We work founded on action and quantifiable results. Based on objective and scientific research and analysis, we take actions on important issues in the hemisphere.

We look for innovative techniques to make strong democracies even stronger in terms of capability, efficiency and outreach.

We actively seek complementary partnerships in public and private spheres willing to works collaboratively with Universities, Think Tanks, Civil organizations, and local initiatives.

We believe that civic education improves lives when provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, and access to resources.



Filipp Rodríguez Loginova