Peruvian General Election

Lima / Arequipa / Cusco

Peruvian General Elections 2016

Opinion polls showed Keiko Fujimori as the favorite for over two years before voters went to the polls. The 2016 election came to be seen as a referendum on the government of her father, former President Alberto Fujimori, whose autocratic government crushed guerrilla insurgencies and restored a market economy.

However, Fujimori was eventually jailed for corruption and authorizing death squads. As the election drew nearer, a strong anti-Fujimori segment developed which rallied around the runoff challenger in Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the investor favorite and longtime technocrat in Peruvian government.

Most analysts believe that the fierce opposition to a government led by the daughter of Alberto Fujimori is what propelled Kuczynski to victory in the second round, as opposed to supporting for his policies.